Caring for your Shar Pei

by admin on November 11, 2013

The Shar Pei requires at least a daily walk & as they are very heat sensitive youmust ensure that their walk is not taken during the hottest part of the day. Early morning is perfect for them; they are susceptible to the heat due to the excess skinon their heads, it is almost as though their heads are padded.

They enjoy being involved with their owners & love to run & play with them, theyreally are a ‘people’s dog’. The Shar Pei will be quite content with just the one good walk if he/she has access to a safe & enclosed garden.

The horse-coat Shar Pei simply requires a rub down twice weekly with a cloth that is slightly dampened or with a mitt specifically designed for grooming. The longhaired Shar Pei need grooming twice a week with either a pin brush or reasonably stiff bristles brush. Shar Pei shed their hair twice yearly & during this time care needs to be taken that the dead hair is not accumulating in the folds of skin, if dead hair is left in the folds it could cause infection.

They will generally tolerate being bathed fairly well. It is not recommended that this be carried out too regularly though as you risk stripping their coat of most of its natural oils. Every few months will suffice & take care to dry in between the folds of skin thoroughly or you can encourage rashes to occur.Check the Shar Pei, especially apparent during hot weather, for hot spots & heat rashes.

It is essential to provide your Shar Pei with plenty of shade & an abundance of fresh, clean drinking water so that overheating does not occur.A diet that is well balanced & low in protein suits the requirements of the Shar Pei, if they consume high quantities of protein within their diet it causes them to have skin complaints. Beef is another food that they should not eat as this is the same as too much protein & can
also prove detrimental to their skin.

Shar Pei nails/claws grow quickly as their paws are designed similar to a Terrier’s paws, more elevated off the ground. Planning your daily walk so that you include some pavement walking is a good idea; this will enable part of the nail to wear itself down naturally. They should still be checked though every three to four weeks & clipped if deemed necessary.

If you introduce a Shar Pei puppy to having its teeth brushed you will probably discover that as an adult dog they will tolerate this being done every few days. You can purchase special toothbrushes & toothpaste for canines. Feeding such products as hide chews & munchy roll will also aid in removing plaque from your dog’s teeth.

Life expectancy of well cared for Shar Pei is approximately ten to twelve years

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