Feeding Your Shar Pei

by admin on November 2, 2013

General Feeding: We recommend a  food called SUPA  ADULT, made by Burgess. For an adult dog, feed one and a quarter of  a mug of Supa Adult complete food to a generous portion of Green vegetables.
Broccoli, Kale, Greens, Cabbage, Beans, Peas and Brussel Sprouts are all good  and contain much needed minerals as well as vitamins. Carrot can also be given.
To find out who stocks this food in your area, you can dial  0800 41 39 69 (uk)
We also regularly add a small tin of sardines to our own  dogs food. To increase Immunity; feed raw minced chicken or lamb  mixed with dark green veg only. Feed for 3 weeks.

Broccoli is an excellent vegetable for your dog, providing necessary  minerals and vitamins and also cleansing the blood, kidneys and liver. At least  twice per week add broccoli (steamed or boiled) into your dogs regular food if  you do not give fresh vegetables every day.

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Humphrey says – I love it when mum and dad open a tin of Sardines and add just one sardine at a time to my food !!!!!! (three sardines in a tin = three meals)

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