Health Issues with the Shar Pei

by admin on November 11, 2013

Although the Shar Pei is a fairly robust breed of dog they still have some issues with their health, I would like to point out, before you read this article & begin to panic, that this is very much an ‘in general’ theme. These are health problems that your Shar Pei ‘might’ encounter.

Entropion is a condition of the eye that only fourteen breeds of dog can suffer from the Shar Pei just happens to be one of the fourteen. The eyelid actually rolls in towards the main eye this causes friction against the cornea, the eyes will wate & infection could occur. There is a surgical procedure available for this condition. Shar Pei that suffer from this health problem should not be bred from, as, although it has not been categorically proved, there could be a genetic component involved.

Familial Shar Pei Fever is also named Swollen Hock Syndrome; this presents itself in episodes of fever. Shar Pei who suffer with this generally have an unexplained fever attack where their temperature will soar to approximately 103-107 degrees. They can occur in Shar Pei less than eighteen months old however they may not happen until the Shar Pei is an adult, the fever usually continues for the minimum of twenty four hours & the maximum of thirty six hours Unfortunately nobody knows the exact cause of this disorder but it could be linked with the Shar Pei immune system, the breed has an inability to actually regulate it. If your Shar Pei has this problem then it must be taken very seriously as there is another disorder related to this one that can prove fatal. Amyloidosis causes an inability to break down certain chemicals that are released into the bloodstream, this occurs when inflammation is the result of abnormal amounts of Amyloid protein in the body.

The folds of skin on the Shar Pei can cause problems if not checked on a regular basis, especially during hot weather. Sweat is produced within the folds & can lead to rashes that in turn can lead to infection. Ensure that these are kept scrupulously clean, paramount during the Shar Pei twice-yearly hair shedding.

Cutaneous Mucinosis is a skin complaint, Mucin is the name given to the substance within the Shar Pei skin that induces the wrinkling of the skin. It is clear & similar to glue. Occasionally a Shar Pei might produce too much Mucin this causes clear bubble to form on the skin that can rupture & seep. This is normally not problematic for the Shar Pei, if it is then a low dosage of prednisone generally results in improvement.

As stated previously this is a generalized health article & it is not intended to worry the Shar Pei owner into thinking that their beloved dog now has all the conditions mentioned!

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