Shar Pei Ear Cleaning

by admin on November 2, 2013

Most Shar Pei have very small ear canals,  its part of the breed, and will need regular flushing (weekly). If your dog has  mucky ears the first thing you need to do is flush them. Go to your local  chemist and ask to buy a 5ml syringe (obviously without a needle). There are 2  options here. You can use: A teaspoon of  Bicarbonate of soda put into a pint of warm water. Mix well. Use a 5ml syringe  and squirt the liquid gently down into the ear canal, then massage both ears  thoroughly. When you finally let your dog go, it will shake its head violently.  This is good, but you may find later that you’re wiping ear grunge off the  walls! The second  option: a teaspoon of white vinegar in a pint of warm water and repeat the  instructions above. Both are easily obtainable and cheap.

Thornits Powder

Once you have flushed out your dogs ears, this powder is excellent for keeping infection from compacted wax, at bay.Use a tiny heap on the end of a teaspoon snd pop it down into theear canal. Use this once weekly, but obviously check to see if the ears occasionally need flushing.

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Humphrey says – I dont like having my ears cleaned   ”Thornits Powder is fantastic stuff”

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