Shar Pei Skin Problems

by admin on November 2, 2013

Flower of Sulphur.  This can be obtained through any Chemist although they may need to order it for  you. This is used for  itchy skin, wounds and irritations, particularly between the toes. It’s a  yellow, coarse powder which you rub on the affected area. It soothes itchy  patches and has a natural antibiotic which heals and anesthetises the area. I  was told that once someone was at a party and that a puppy shot out of the  garden and was hit by a car. The dog received a large gash on it’s head but  someone was there, who immediately filled the deep wound with this powder. The  wound healed, without stitches and left no real scar! It’s also brilliant for  athlete’s foot! We also recommend Neem oil & shampoo for itchy conditions.

Hereditary Skin Problems; To help with the potential or constant irritation of the skin,  give your dog one tablespoon of pro-biotic yoghurt with a vitamin E capsule, an  evening Primrose oil capsule, a zinc capsule and selenium capsule; every day. This helps boost  immunity and conditions and looks after your dog’s skin. If your dog  persists in nibbling his feet, toes or knees he may be allergic to something.  Make sure your dog has only natural fabrics in his bedding. Cotton or wool.  Avoid high central heating.

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